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Guiding Eyes for the Blind Monroe Region has an informational booth at the Monroe County Fair each year.  Additionally, this year, the "Square Dancing Dogs" performed several times during the afternoon on the closing day of the fair.

Mattie enjoyed the "Space Capsule" displays.

Mattie on the Midway

Helen and Trooper enjoy the jugglers.

Trooper thanks the "Lion's Club" mascot for their support of GEB over the years.

Welby isn't impressed by the big Bee...

Welby is more interested in the Midway goings on than the jugglers.

The "Square Dancing Dogs" began as a way to practice obedience skills while in the presence of the other dogs and adding some more fun and socialization to the work.  Cindy Chait coordinated a demonstration of our "skills" with the County Fair.  Dogs and handlers include: Bonnie and Trooper (Milton went off to Guide Dog school before the fair), Helen and Welby, Pam and Noel, and Robbin and Paxton.
Couples 1 and 3 Do-Si-Do (more properly called a Right arm turn, but honestly, none of us knows an allemande from a grand! :-)
Dogs down, handlers back up and recall your dogs!
Couples Promenade!

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